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Photo Gallery Day 2:- by Colin Sheehan
This section displays the photographs I took on the second day whilst embarked in HMAS Kanimbla for a short cruise down the coast of Queensland & New South Wales from Brisbane to Sydney.

Today, we leave port to make our way out into Moreton Bay off Brisbane for joint exercises with the DDG, HMAS Hobart before making our way to the open sea and turning south.

There are quite a few photo's to be seen here, so please be patient while they load and click on the thumbnails to see larger versions of each image. Enjoy.

Day Two (Anchors Away) {Well, berthing lines anyway.}
Daybreak on the Brisbane river looking past the bows of HMAS Hobart to the Gateway Bridge and beyond, the Pacific Ocean. A sunny dawn in Brisbane
Colours Ceremony on Hobart 0800
Colours Ceremony on the quarterdeck of HMAS Hobart. The White Ensign hangs limp over the still waters of the early morning Brisbane River.
Not long after colours, Hobart prepares to get underway. Here, the aft hawser is hauled aboard. Did you pick the odd man out in the work party?
The boy in blue is Air Force. Unusual on a warship.
Let Go Aft
At Ease A moment of peace before the rush & organized bustle of departure. Tony relaxes in the recreation area on the flight deck midships. This is one of the few places where REAL wood can be found! It is also one of the noisiest places onboard, being wedged between the funnel and various fan housings, etc.
The f'o'c'sle party haul in the bow line as Hobart severs her last link with us and steams away down river to await our arrival in Moreton Bay. Let Go For'ard
Fo'c'sle Party Kanimbla's fo'c'sle party slips the for'ard line as we take our leave of Brisbane. By one of life's little coincidences, the officer in charge (Sub Lt. Brad Cooper), at right on the rail, was a cadet petty officer at the Naval Reserve Cadet unit (T.S. Hawkesbury) when I was an instructor there.
Underway at last. 
05 deck (Top of the heap, above the bridge) allows a commanding view of the river ahead as well as the beaching ramp on the foredeck. This was one of the favourite positions for the seariders throughout the voyage.
Steaming east
The Bridge The Bridge.
A very busy place at a time like this. The skipper, in the white shirt, has allowed one of the parents the comfort of the Captain's chair.
As we cleared the mouth of the Brisbane River, a signal was sent to Hobart to return astern of us as we steamed east along the main shipping channel into the bay. It did so with considerable alacrity, looming from a speck on the horizon to this scene in rapid time. We both passed either side of the small yacht. Hobart returns
Hobart's Racing Turn Hobart's skipper took us at our word and spun the ship around astern of us using the hapless little yacht seen here & in the last photo as a buoy. The yacht's skipper must have thought he was in the wars for moment!
Note the crew member at top left. A good viewpoint for those with no fear of heights.
With Hobart in position off our port quarter, the off-duty sailors take their ease in various ways. This leading hand soaks the sun whilst reading a good book. The weather was superb, but then it always is in Queensland. :o) Action and Relaxation
DDG39 HMAS Hobart A classic shot of the DDG warship with HMAS Hobart completing a turn off our starboard quarter. Although the Charles F. Adams class is quite long in the tooth these days (1999), they are considered by many to be one of the more interesting designs, especially with the graceful sheerline of the maindeck.
The signals crew on 04 deck were kept busy furiously & impressively running the signals up & down the mast during the Officer of the Watch manoeuvres in Moreton Bay.
For those unfamiliar with this operation, one signalman hauls the halyard rapidly whilst the other one clips all the flags together to make up the message to the other ship. It is always good to watch a well oiled machine at work.
Signalmen at work
Head Coach The "Head Coach" (skipper) surveys the scene during the Officer of the Watch exercises from the starboard bridge wingdeck.
Hobart executing the manoeuvre which killed HMAS Voyager in 1964 when it crossed the bows of the aircraft carrier, HMAS Melbourne during night exercises off Jervis Bay, NSW resulting in a loss of 82 lives.
It is now practised whenever possible.
Officer of the Watch Manoeuvres
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