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Photo Gallery Day 1:- by Colin Sheehan
This section displays the photographs I took whilst embarked in HMAS Kanimbla for a short cruise down the coast of Queensland & New South Wales from Brisbane to Sydney as a guest of the Royal Australian Navy. There are quite a few photo's to be seen here, so please be patient while they load and click on the thumbnails to see larger versions of each image. Enjoy.
Day One (Arrival in Brisbane River)
A very early, cloudy arrival fresh from their three month deployment to Balikpapan (Borneo), Sandakan (Sabah [Nth Borneo]) and Lumut (Malaysia). Kanimbla berthing at Brisbane
The Gangway My son, Tony, an Able Seaman cook descends the gangway about to touch Australian soil (concrete!) for the first time in three months.
Right behind Kanimbla came the guided missile destroyer, HMAS Hobart, a Charles F. Adams class DDG. It is seen here slipping in to tie up alongside us. About as different a pair of ships as you could get. As is often typical with RAN ships, they prefer to berth without tug assistance.
Superstructure of HMAS Hobart The superstructure & for'ard gun of a DDG is a very businesslike place. The strong morning sun highlights the complexity of the modern warship design.
The superstructure and bridge of the Kanimbla on the other hand, is more from the slab-sided practical school of naval architecture. 
The group standing for'ard of the wind tunnel are the Navy Board inspectors responsible for the redesign of the ship. Kanimbla bristled with various sensors for the duration of the trip south to provide them with data.
HMAS Kanimbla's Superstucture
BIG Ducky HMAS Hobart's starboard RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat). 
Now THIS is a rubber ducky with attitude. 5 cyl. Volvo-Penta grunt makes it the floatie of choice for any serious bathtub! It can be deployed very rapidly when needed.
Hobart's crew ready the missile launcher for a public inspection open day. The Standard Missile being the main armament of the day. Standard Missile Launcher
Portside companionway Port side companionway, 2 deck. Definitely not a cruise ship. No carpets, no tapestries and the games room director seems to have jumped ship! The colour scheme is well co-ordinated though. Grey on grey throughout
I love it!.
In the evening, the wind tunnel joining the for'ard & aft upper decks. This would not be great place to be when the cavalry is on the move. A tight squeeze and fast moving armour would make a mess of anybody in the way!
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