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Photo Gallery Day 4:- by Colin Sheehan
This section displays the photographs I took on the fourth & final day whilst embarked in HMAS Kanimbla for a short cruise down the coast of Queensland & New South Wales from Brisbane to Sydney.

Today, after an active night of final stress tests of the ship for the Navy Board inspectors onboard, we mostly take it easy as we make ready to approach Newcastle, a major industrial port on the central NSW coast in order to embark more seariders in the form of those parents & friends of crew who could not make the journey from Brisbane. They will at least get the chance to enjoy the daytrip to Sydney, our final port of call.

There are quite a few photo's to be seen here, so please be patient while they load and click on the thumbnails to see larger versions of each image. Enjoy.

Day Four: Home Run
Yes, he sucked me in again. A last chance to share with my first born, the joys of galley life. 0600 and Tony sets me to cooking bulk bacon for the hungry crew and visitors about to appear with plate in hand. I thought the bacon looked good with their nice curly edges and all those rich black bits hanging off them, but the chef frowned, swept them into the hungry jaws of Igor and slapped a new batch onto the hotplate in record time. He then suggested that I might have more fun over in the scullery washing dishes! Breakfast Chef Extraordinaire!
Newcastle Dock After breakfast, Tony has wangled some time off to watch our arrival in Newcastle after a short cruise up the Hunter River. The crew are dressed in work rig for this harbour entry because it is a quick touch & go operation of about twenty minutes duration merely to pick up passengers for the daytrip to Sydney. The first line is cast ashore to the waiting RAN ratings on the wharf.
Kanimbla's berthing is aided considerably by a bow thruster
The reason for Tony's eager presence on the upper deck was that one of the people expected on the dock was his new and much loved wife, Kellie. The absence of three months was definitely showing by now. His worried expression here is due to Kellie being nowhere to be seen! The searching husband
The Girls Show the Way The girls attack the berthing lines with vigour as we tie up in preparation for the boarding of the last lot of seariders.
Bingo! Contact is made. Kellie arrives and as soon as the gangway is down, Tony swoops. Contact!
Gangway Party The gangway party preparing to hoist their charge back onboard after embarking all the passengers for the day.
The girl here is always the first person to step ashore by virtue of her job.
The fo'c'sle party once again haul in the hawser as we break our link with Newcastle and make our way back to the ocean and Sydney by day's end. Let go for'ard
The Huge Tank Deck The Tank Deck. In a combat situation, this might be considered the heart of the ship, as this is where all the action starts. It is a huge area which totally divides the ship along the centreline. When at sea with an empty tankdeck, this ship rolls like an old trawler due to the high flotation of the wide flat-bottomed hull. Two forklifts and a turntable at each end aid the packing of the vehicles.
Behind this large door is the Pacific Ocean. It is the actual stern surface of the ship. This is where the amphibious vehicles take to the water or a landing craft could nose up here for a transfer between the two ships. Stern Door
Home at Last Home at last!
The sight that every single sailor onboard Kanimbla has been eagerly waiting for. Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background and Fort Denison mid-harbour bring home the point.
Garden Island, Fleet Base dead ahead and Kanimbla's sistership, HMAS Manoora tied up at left. Feet are definitely twitching now! Garden Island Approach
Luggage Search As the non-duty crew prepared to disembark and sweep their loved ones into their arms, the coxswain's branch came onboard and started a full search of everybody's luggage (including the Captain!, at left). Reason being that the ship was returning from S.E. Asia, a drug risk area and as such was subject to more stringent search than usual.
I am climbing through the hatch in the flight deck which is immediately above my mess located two decks below. There are always a number of ways to get anywhere on a warship due to the need to maintain watertight integrity in the event of damage and still keep access. Time to Go
The Last Step This is the moment. Dressed in civvies and about to step ashore at home base after a long deployment is always a happy time.

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